Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought. Albert Einstein


Starting out as a designer in the beginning of my career I decided to embark on a new journey … the joy of making art. One painting and I was hooked, spending every available moment painting, experimenting with texture and mediums, pouring and resin.

I’m a Brisbane based contemporary landscape, seascape and not so still life artist. Over the last few years I have found myself completely immersed in a world of creativity. Using a rich, energetic colour pallet I love to experiment with acrylics, oils, ink, charcoal, pencil and mixed media.

Strongly inspired by the beauty of nature, my paintings are a response expressed in colour, depth and movement
which come from my exceptionally beautiful surrounds, both in its simplicity and complexity, this resonates in my versatile painting techniques.

What influences my art

Having lived in Africa I was influenced by fauna, flora and the beautiful landscapes and surrounds. I have always loved nature, every aspect of it. I find it energising as an artist to explore and study what I paint and to get to know the subject in as much detail as possible. It’s natural for me to paint what I am naturally drawn to.

Now living in beautiful Australia has provided me with a world of inspiration, a celebration of our uniquely Australian flora, fauna and landscape.

By nature I have always been one for the creative side. Art is my passion and a place to pour out my inner thoughts and emotions. Growing up in a home that encouraged my creativity I have experimented with many different mediums. I have completed extensive studies in painting and drawing and achieved a Diploma of Visual Arts.

My motivation to create works simply comes from the love of it. My paintings are created slowly and thoughtfully, to engage the viewer by combining realism with contemporary, creating works that embrace many styles. My aim is to evoke a sense of connection through colour and texture and create an emotional experience.

I create work that I hope injects warmth and joy into homes and hearts.

No matter the form, art is where I feel most at home.

I hold collections in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, England, Africa, Taiwan, Japan and United States of America.

Jess King Artist

Awards and Prizes:

2023 Aspire Gallery
Petite Pieces Finalist
‘Aussie Bush 5’

Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Online Finalist
‘Butterfly Kisses’

2021 Art Lovers ALA Finalist
‘Aussie Bush Walk’

2018 McGregor Lions Art Extravaganza
Winner, Wildlife
‘Beneath the Surface’





2018 Inaugural Morris Art Prize finalist
‘Aussie 1’

2018 Rotary Art Spectacular finalist
‘Aussie 1’

2018 Rotary Art Spectacular Finalist
‘Heaven to Earth’

2018 Mornington Art Show Finalist
‘Secret Hiding Places’

2018 Mornington Art Show Finalist
‘Black Cockatoo Bliss

2017 Redlands Alliance Big Art Expo
Peoples Choice Award
‘Secret Hiding Places’

2016 Contemporary Art Gallery
Third Place winner ‘Next Steps’


2023 Kaye West Gallery and Studio

2022 Local Art Co.

2021 Manly Harbour Gallery

2020 Manly Harbour Gallery

2019 Manly Harbour Gallery

2018 Rotary Art Spectacular

2018 Morris Art Prize

2018 Mornington Art Show

2018 Old School House Gallery

2017 Redlands Alliance Big Art Expo

2017 Old School House Gallery

2017 Garden City Solo Exhibition

Hi Jess! My husband and I have been hunting for a piece of art for our front entrance of our house for literally YEARS. Our parents gave us money for our wedding (nearly 5 years ago) intended to go towards this and we have just never found something we both love enough for such an important space in our house. We found ‘Nature’s Veil’ online at the Manly Harbour Art Gallery last night and fell in love with it straight away – and this morning we bought it! It is stunning and will look spectacular on our wall – it will be the first thing guests see when they come to our house.

Thank you!!

Sarah (Australia)

Hi Jess,

I picked up your art yesterday. It’s really beautiful and was exceed my expectation.
I decorated it in the living room. My husband was also happy about getting it.

Your art makes people feel good. It’s amazing. I hope your art is known more in the world. I will recommend you to my colleagues of Singapore:)

Best regards,
Kana (Japan)

It was so lovely to actually meet the artist of the work I have been admiring every time I go into the gallery.

I’m very pleased with my two paintings, just beautiful!

Many thanks,

‘Breath of Heaven’ has breathed some elegance into our living room! We are both delighted.
Kind regards,
David and Robyn
OMG I absolutely love it. Thank you so much you superstar!